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The Garlock family of companies is the global leader in high-performance fluid sealing and pipeline protection products for industry and infrastructure.


New Study Shows Garlock’s GYLON BIO-­‐PRO® Sanitary Gasket Meets Highest Industry Standards
A new study confirm's the Garlock Family of Companies' GYLON BIO-PRO® sanitary gasket meets the high standards of quality and performance required for use inpharmaceutical and bioprocessing industries. Click below to learn more. 
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Garlock Palmyra's Physical Inventory June 4 and 5
Garlock Palmyra will hold physical inventory June 4 and 5, 2015. Please see the attached document to learn more. 
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Safety Can Be Learned - EnPro Learning System Safety Summit
EnPro has developed a gamut of best practices tested in its own heavy manufacturing facilities to move an organization toward to zero injuries. Intensive two-day training event to introduce attendees to the complete safety plan.

Technical Articles

How do I choose a gasket for an FDA application?
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Bearing Isolator Seals - an ideal way to reduce TLC and MTTR costs
Russ Pimblett, Product/Applications Engineering Leader at Garlock GB discusses the primary use of a Bearing Isolator seal for extention and to prolong the life of rotating equipment and reduce total life cycle cost. Please see page 37. 
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Replacing Gaskets in a Flanged Piping System
Russ Pimblett, Product/Applications Engineering Leader at Garlock GB discusses;  The gaskets that keep flanged piping connections from leaking are relatively low-cost, but high-consequence components. As such, they often do not receive the attention they warrant, such as proper removal and replacement...
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